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Ìç ÷Üóåôå ôï ÓåìéíÜñéï ôïõ Bruce Tepper ðñïóêåêëçìÝíïõ ïìéëçôÞ óôï IMIC 2007 ìå èÝìá "Ôß èÝëïõí ïé ðåëÜôåò!"

''Delivering the incentive quality experience: What buyers want!''

Bruce Tepper CITE, Vice President of Joselyn, Tepper and Associates Inc, Director of SITE Intl.

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You might think you deliver top quality services but there is always room for improvement.

If you don’t believe in it maybe you should not attend IMIC 2007, but again maybe your staff or colleagues need to find out why they should perform better!

Today’s incentive travel buyer is more demanding than ever!

This is why Bruce will help us to explore the key elements of what separates incentive travel from all other forms of travel and how to make your product and service stand out in the marketplace to win more business.
The focus will be on pleasing the incentive house, the client and the participants to ensure more business in the future. Among others you will hear about:

- Understanding the distribution channel.
  Incentive houses, travel agencies, conference planners, etc.
- Key factors in creating a good buyer-seller relationship. 
- Buyer expectations during the selling process. 
- Buyer expectations onsite. 
- Participant expectations and why are they different of the decision makers? 
- What can the seller expect in return? 
- What incentive suppliers can do to forge closer relationships with their customers? 
- What actions suppliers can take to develop the wow factor and exceed the expectations of their clients.

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