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Are you sure you can miss the educational sessions of IMIC 2007, especially the Seminar of Lode Becker about “What the Corporate Incentive users want”?

- Do you know what the corporate incentive users are looking for? 
- Do you know what their considerations for the success of a program are? 
- Do you know what attracts them to a designation? 
- Do you know what they want from you? 

If you know all these maybe you should not attend IMIC 2007 but again maybe your staff or colleagues need to find out about all these important issues.

Lode Beckers, Belgium
Former Board Member of SITE Foundation and SITE Belgium Chapter, Chairman of LOBO N.V. Eurostrategies will speak during IMIC on Feb 8th about all these hot subjects
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During his session:Incentive activities in the South East European region-the corporate point of view: among others you will hear about:

- Evaluate the factors that currently influence the demand for incentive activities. 
- Look at factors that create an ongoing need for conferences and offsite meetings. 
- What is the attractiveness for corporations of destinations and venues located in South Eastern Europe? 
- Identified factors that create and sustain a high demand for corporate events. 
- Consolidations and mergers will have direct consequences for the frequency and content of corporate meetings. 
- The potential growth of the internal European single market. 
- What is successfully done to build and retain rewarding corporate or association business? 
- Will the MICE business become more regulated? 
- Global incentive houses or totally personalized approach sought and found in smaller entities? 
- Why are some destinations a mega-hit, and others a disappointment to corporate customers? 
- What determines the success and competence when addressing and solving the problem?

To find out more about Lode Beckers and how to register for IMIC 2007 follow the link


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